DIY Multi Wear Styling

Our customers love multi-wear because they can get several looks with just one piece. Women love taking our pieces on holidays because they can pack one item for many looks from day to night and the items take up minimal space in a suitcase. 


We can’t even tell you how many times we’ve heard “But I don’t look good in a headband!” Guess what? There’s a reason why our motto is “YES, you CAN rock a headband!” It’s all in the technique. In just a few easy steps, you’ll be rocking that headband like nobody’s business. Let us show you how!

Here’s your “Guide to Looking Epic” 

First things first, you’ve probably noticed that your headband includes a loop. That loop will be your new best friend when putting on your headband, regardless of which style you’re rocking. Not only does it look completely fabulous, that loop will also help ensure the correct placement of your headband on your head. Oh...and that loop looks its best when the seam isn't showing so always place it on your head seam side in.

Also, you want your hair to be loose and carefree when getting your headband on. No more hiding it behind your ears. Let it all out! Have fun with it!

If you have short hair, make sure to check out our blog post about how to wear headbands with short hair

How to videos:

 Check out our how to wear videos and give these styles a try!

90 Degree Twist:


Full on Over:

 Oh So Boho:

 Full on Under:


 Retro Under:



 What's the Skinny?:

 Halfway Twist:

 Easy Peasy Updo:

More step by step instructions:



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