Our Story

House of Koopslie’s headbands came to be by accident. In fact, my business started out as a company making hats for kids and babies. One day, I was working on a new product for the kids’ collection when I came across the softest bamboo fabric. I loved the fabric so much that I wanted to wear it too. It was so soft, stretchy and felt like a luxurious cloud. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I took a few minutes to quickly make a headband for myself; it was hand sewn and had a simple scrunch in the front. It was really comfortable and so soft, plus it looked really nice on. I was hooked! I felt like I had stumbled onto something amazing and everyone needed to have one. I made one for my mom (who wears it to this day!), my friends and soon customers were asking me to make some of my new headbands for them. And so, I did. But this isn’t the story of how women bought them up and the company exploded, because that’s not what happened. Not at first, anyway.

I made a lot of headbands and headed to a trade show where women excitedly came by to see them, but no one actually bought any. I was puzzled (they had asked for them, after all) and a little crushed. In an attempt to sell off the unloved, short lived headbands, I added a leather loop to pretty them up. I thought this might help clear them out. I was disappointed and done with the failed idea. But, what happened next changed House of Koopslie forever. In the first hour I sold every. single. headband. And this became the trend at every. single. show. It turns out that headband wasn’t complete. It needed that little loop to make it stand out from the crowd.

After that, House of Koopslie’s headbands became House of Koopslie’s biggest selling item in record time. In fact, in 2016 I decided to close off House of Koopslie’s kids’ division to focus solely on our headbands. And it’s a good thing, too! Customers across the globe are loving our headbands and you can now find them in 500 boutiques across Canada, the US and Japan!

Even though we started with headbands, House of Koopslie has grown into so much more. From intimate conversations with my loyal customers, I’ve been able to learn what is really important to women who love House of Koopslie. I hear you. I know you care about comfort, quality and effortless style. Because of this, we now offer a variety of versatile, comfortable, eco-friendly clothing and accessories for women. Our entire line in made with love and bamboo in Edmonton using responsible and ethical manufacturing practices.

My hope for every woman who puts on any House of Koopslie item, is that she feels comfortable and in her element. I hope she loves how she feels. Now. Today. No changes. Exactly the way she is. Pure love.

And that is why I design all of House of Koopslie’s pieces with many different women in mind. I have a lot of conversations with women and want to know what is important to them. I strive to make clothing that works for women of different shapes and sizes.

Clothing goes with us wherever we go. It is such a large part of our day and our journey. A House of Koopslie piece isn’t just a great piece of clothing that can be worn many different ways. It’s a transformation. It’s true comfort and self-love. Seeing this transformation happen is truly magical. And the wearer takes it with her wherever she goes.

I am so honoured to have the opportunity to impact women’s lives every day with something that I have created and love with all of my heart. When a woman looks in her closet and chooses a House of Koopslie piece, my heart does a happy dance.

Thank you for supporting my business. Because of you, I get to have the best job in the World!

With love + bamboo,


Founder and Creative Director

House of Koopslie

P.S. House of Koopslie has been featured in several media outlets and is the proud recipient of the Small Supplier of the Year Award from the Canadian Gift Association.




Made with love + bamboo in Edmonton, Canada

We are proud to make everything in our home town - Edmonton, AB, Canada. There's a whole lot of love in everything we make for you. We start by using eco-friendly bamboo fabrics that are ridiculously soft and super comfortable to wear. We then add our own creative twist, lovingly sew each piece and before we ship your order to you we ensure there's a style guide, so you have outfit inspo at your fingertips. 



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