Why Growing a Fashion Line is Scary Sometimes

I am really nervous and excited right now. It’s that time of the year when we are about to launch our new collection of women’s bamboo clothing, and I always feel on edge. Putting out something new into the World to be seen and judged is the life of a creative; not knowing the reaction I will get is a little scary.

I have shown the new products to many women these past few months, and they have loved everything (that’s why we are actually making it), but I can’t wait to hear your reactions. 

Here is what you can expect in the Fall launch from House of Koopslie:

A bamboo convertible skirt - the softest, stretchiest, most comfortable bamboo skirt that can be worn long, short or even as a tube dress with a sweater or a scarf. It will accentuate your curves and make you feel so luxurious and comfortable. I usually don’t wear pencil skirts because I find them restrictive and being a mom of 2 busy kiddos, I cannot be restricted in my wardrobe because I’m constantly bending over to pick up things (like Legos!) or running around and getting so many things done. I want to look fashionable, but be comfortable. I cannot be restricted in any way. This skirt accomplishes all that and more and gets Monika’s seal of approval. 

A new bamboo top - we took our ultimate multi, made it symmetrical, shortened the sleeves and added some new snaps, so you can wear it mid sleeve, short sleeve, off the shoulder and even as a tube top with pockets for your hands! It’s the same natural fabric that you know and love, and I am super excited to hear your thoughts about it. Yay! 

I’ve been wearing the skirt and the top and have gotten so many compliments on my “dress”. These 2 pieces look lovely together as a faux “dress” and as separates. They have been my go-to outfit the last few months. I either wear cute sneakers or sandals and some jewellery to go from casual to dressed up. I cannot wait to show them to you. 

2-way earrings - earrings that can be worn with a long dangly backing or as adorable studs. You can also use the dangly backings with your other earrings, giving you endless styling capabilities. I’ve been meaning to launch these for the last 2 years! I know! I’ve been busy :) But now is the right time. The earrings are a mix of minimalist with a bold twist. We’ve been showing them on our IG stories lately and have had a lot of messages from customers telling us how much they love them. This makes me so happy as I seriously love these earrings! 

2-way beanies - they are back! Need I say more? Ok, I will! We have made some changes to our beloved beanies. We’re using a new eco-friendly fabric called lyocell to make our beanies. It is so soft and awesome, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t lose shape. We are bringing back some old favourite colours like black, charcoal, and heather forest, and introducing a new colour - navy! I’ve been getting a lot of requests for navy, so we have navy throughout our entire natural fabric clothing collection. 

Leggings - we haven’t made our bamboo leggings for a while, but I still get messages from customers telling me that our bamboo leggings are the best they ever owned. This is not a joke, I get these messages regularly. I also know this is true, because I have some and I wear them all fall and winter. They are super stretchy, high waisted and they look really good after a lot of washes. So, if you’ve ever owned our leggings and need more or missed out on our leggings in the past, fret no more. We are going to be doing a run of leggings on a pre-order basis. Our leggings, like our clothing, are 2 sizes only, making it easy to order. 

One last thing I want to tell you is that we will also have new fall colours in our staple items - bum warmers, everywear poncho/skirt/dress/shirt, ultimate multis and headbands. More info on that coming soon as it’s 7:00 a.m. and time to get breakfast going for the kids. 

With love + bamboo!


Founder, House of Koopslie 

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