How to wear headbands with short hair

Running a headband business, I often talk to women about wearing headbands. Since most of the photos we have are of women with long hair (believe me finding models with short hair is a challenge!), I’ve heard many comments from ladies with medium length hair and short hair telling me that they think only women with long hair can wear headbands.

Having pretty short hair myself, and wearing headbands most days of the year, I know this to be not true. But I wanted to show you and on a bigger scale. And now I can.

I am happy to announce that we have partnered with Edmonton’s own, very fashionable fashion blogger and style consultant, Sarah, from Boots & Bassets. Sarah has personally gone on a headband quest to test out several fun ways to wear House of Koopslie headbands with short hair and now she wants to show you how. Sarah has written an awesome blog post about it too, and there may be a giveaway (hint, there is one for sure ;)). So, make sure to read Sara’s blog and enter for your chance to win not 1, not 2, but 3 of our best-selling headbands, so you can try out all these awesome styles yourself. 

Wishing you an awesome hair day every day!



Founder and Chief Designer at House of Koopslie



  • I bought a bum warmer in December 2016 at Starlet in Napanee and have worn in practically every day since. I can’t imagine life without it. I am a petite 61-year young woman and have received many compliments from complete strangers on the look when wearing it. It is a great product. Wears well, washes well, looks good. I am SO happy to have found it! Thanks for creating it and please,please, please don’t ever discontinue or change it in any way. I will be adding more colours to my wardrobe and now can’t wait to try your headbands too!

  • Love my headbands especially in winter when it starts out nice and gets colder you can use as an ear warmer too


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