Japan, Taylor Swift and how everything happens for a reason

A few months ago I had an opportunity of a lifetime and won a contest from 104.9 Virgin Radio and Edo Japan to go see Taylor Swift in Tokyo! You can read about it here.

On the main floor at the Taylor Swift concert!


It was an amazing experience. First of all I still can't believe that I won and for that I will love Virgin Radio forever!!! And then there's the awesomeness that is Japan. Third, I got to see Taylor Swift in concert AND Taylor's mom walked right by us 10 seconds before the concert started and I gave her one of my headbands for Taylor!!! All so amazing.

Taylor Swift's mom hugging someone right before I gave her a headband for Taylor
This is the headband I gave to Taylor Swift's mom to give to Taylor

My cousin Mario lives in Japan and Robert (my husband) and I were lucky enough to have Mario and his amazing girlfriend Kana (aka my Japansese BFF) show us around Tokyo.

Monika and Kana eating octopus and drinking beer yummmm

We got to see so many amazing places and eat some really unique and delicious food.

Sighteeing with my love

In fact, we ate some ramen noodles that, to this day, Robert and I refer to as the best meal we've ever had. If I ever go back to Japan, I will get off the plane and go eat these delicious noodles before I do anything else.

Best meal of my life. Seriously!


Ramen noodles are ordered at this handy-dandy machine

Kana took us to visit a headwear store called CA4LA. CA4LA is Japan's biggest retailer of beyond cool headwear. I bought a really awesome hat for Robert and an amazing headband for me. I fell in love with the beautiful store, huge assortment of products, the friendly, knowledgeable staff, and the whole company overall.

CA4LA has collaborated with such big names as KE$HA, Andy Warhol and Star Wars the movie. They have 24 retail locations across Japan and 1 in London, England. They carry the freshest headwear brands from Japan and from around the globe.

It was scary, but on our last day in Japan I took a chance and left one of my headbands at the store. I had a pretty hard time (looking back it was quite amusing) explaining why I wanted to leave the headband there, so the staff got me on the phone with Yuko - an English speaking sales representative. She was super friendly and gave me her email address so I can follow up with her once she had a chance to see the headband.

The next day we came home from beautiful Japan and I found waiting for me an email from Yuko asking for more information. This alone made me super excited! Japan's coolest headwear retailer was interested in something I designed and created!

This all happened a few months ago and I've been dying to tell you this, but I didn't want to jinx it. I wanted to wait until my headbands made it across the ocean. Now that they are beautifully displayed on the shelves of over 20 of the coolest headwear stores in Japan, I can tell you. I'm incredibly excited and proud to announce you that CA4LA is carrying House of Koopslie. Yes, it's true and I am doing a dance! I am so incredibly honoured to have House of Koopslie's everyday every way bamboo headbands at CA4LA's beautiful stores.

Thank you to my cousin Mario for taking a photo this past weekend of my headbands at CA4LA in Shinjuku station - the busiest train station in the World. You can also find them on CA4LA's website.

It all feels like it was meant to be and it all started with sending a text to Virgin Radio when they played a Taylor Swift song.


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  • i am so very proud of you.

    Emily Schimnowski

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