Back to School with House of Koopslie

I love back to school time in September. It's really the perfect transition time from carefree summer evenings, to more structured days for children and their parents.

Although back to school shopping is geared to children (well, ok they're the ones actually starting grade 1), many forget the people that will be actually taking those kids to school: the parents. 

We are going to go straight to the moms here, as most dads are not interested in our headbands (except for gifts for the women in your life, guys, we love this headband) for all the moms out there with kids going to school in September, who is the one that has to coordinate children, breakfast, lunches, forms making sure they're leaving the house with clothes on? This one is for you. There's barely time for you in the morning between sips of coffee and smelling children's breaths to make sure they've brushed. Headbands are an easy & cute solution to getting out of the house kids in tow and hair under wraps. It's like to never, not once, had to pry underpants off your child's head and make them get dressed for school instead of acting like super man. 



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