I want to shake it off with Taylor Swift in Tokyo!

I want to meet Taylor Swift! This may seem crazy to you, but I really want to meet her.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was supposed to be doing a photo shoot with her. I thought she would look awesome in my everyday every way headband and begged him to take some of my headbands for her. He asked her people if he was allowed, but was refused and then let go from the shoot for asking. I was so upset for him and sad for me. I really thought she would love them and look really great.

I was in the midst of telling Nicola all about my sadness when my phone rang and I was told that I was one of the 10 contestants for a draw from 104.9 Virgin Radio and Edo Japan to go see Taylor Swift in Tokyo! OMG! They said the call would be between 7:30 and 8:00 and if I didn't answer the phone they would have to move on to the next person. I seriously had trouble sleeping for the next 2 days. I wanted to win SO BADLY! I told only three people that I was in the draw for two reasons. Number one, I didn't want anyone calling me the morning of the draw. What if they called the same time as Virgin Radio and I missed the call and lost the trip. I was not taking any chances. The second reason is because if I didn't win I would be seriously disappointed. I didn't want to have to tell everyone that I didn't win. It would make me sad. I really badly wanted to go see Taylor Swift in Tokyo! I felt like it was a sign :)

I was so nervous that morning that I asked my husband to go into work later, so that he can be there to support me if there was no call. We were sitting down at the breakfast table when my phone rang. The words VIRGIN RADIO showed up on my call display. I remember that moment as if it happened yesterday. I picked up the phone and lost it before they even told me that I had won. I have listened to that call again and again and I still feel giddy with excitement when I listen to it! I cannot believe that I get to go see Taylor Swift in Tokyo, of all the cool places in the World!

The last few days I've been seeing this post around Facebook about your comfort zone and where the magic happens. According to this simple yet very eye-opening diagram, you have to get out of your comfort zone to go to where the magic happens.

This really resonated with me, so here I go. My secret, and now not so secret wish is that I get to meet Taylor Swift when I am in Tokyo. I know that this is far fetched and a little crazy. I know she is a super famous celebrity and that a bajillion people want to meet her. But I am still putting it out there in the universe. Universe, I am going from our beautiful city of Edmonton all the way to Tokyo, Japan to see Taylor in concert. Please, please, pretty please, let this happen. I will be forever thankful.

XO Monika

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