The story behind House of Koopslie's high quality prints

Have you noticed that the designs on your House of Koopslie hats stay looking great through all that wash and wear? Our designs don't crack.

We've had many customers who have had one of our hats for years and the print on it still looks brand new. It's not an accident; we've worked very hard for it to be that way. When my company started, I did all the silk screening myself. With a little help from my friends and the internet, I taught myself to silk screen by experimenting with different types of inks and techniques. I quickly learned what worked and what didn't and gained a large respect for the printing business. It was a tough thing to do and I ruined many (many, many, many, seriously so many) hats in the process.

We now have an amazing person who does the majority of the prints. Finding Mr. G wasn't easy. In my search I talked to many silk screeners and told them that our main goal was to have quality designs that that and do not crack. Since I was dealing with beanies and they were so stretchy, many printers didn't even try. One of them silkscreened a design and stretched it out to prove to me that it couldn't be done. The design cracked, but I wasn't going to give up and my search continued.

Mr. G was an accidental introduction by a friend. I told him that I wanted to have quality, non cracking prints on stretchy hats and he told me that he had the answer - a special additive which is added to ink and will make it stretch without cracking. A few days later Mr. G showed me a perfect sample. He told me there's some science behind how much ink and additive is mixed together and he had experimented and found the perfect combination for our bamboo fabric. Solution. Check.

Mr. G has been working with House of Koopslie for a few years now and his amazing work and knowledge is next to none. He is part of House of Koopslie's team of experts that work very hard to meet and exceed our customer's expectations for high quality, made in Canada, products.

X Monika

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