The story of House of Koopslie's vintage inspired, bamboo flowers

House of Koopslie's vintage hats and headbands with hand crafted flowers are our signature items and a hit with customers big and small. Even babies who dislike wearing anything on their head will happily smile with a House of Koopslie hat on (see proof below).

The process to create a flower takes a great deal of care and attention. Every single flower is carefully hand crafted and inspected to ensure it meets our high quality standards.

Finding a way to create our signature vintage flower took a lot of love, attention to detail and some serious trial and error. Monika worked with a small team of seamstresses and a textile expert to understand how different fabrics behave when cut and sewn in different ways until they worked out the best methods that work with our super-soft bamboo fabric. The end result is our beautiful, nature mimicking flower which adorns our vintage hats and headbands.

The way our flowers are made is a true work of art and only our small and greatly trusted team of artisans knows how to beautifully replicate these precious gems.


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