Bamboo - I love you!


In case you haven't noticed, we at House of Koopslie love bamboo! Our entire collection of hats and headbands is made from the softest, most awesome bamboo jersey ever. Recently we came across something so amazing, that we created an entire collection of clothing and accessories for kids AND women (YAY!) around it. Fleece-lined bamboo. I'll give you a moment to take that in. Yes, fleece-lined bamboo. If you love bamboo as much as we do, you will definitely love our fleece-lined bamboo. It is just as soft and awesome as our current bamboo, but it is fleece-lined for extra warmth, making it perfect for fall and winter clothing and accessories. This stuff is seriously amazing. We have hats, headbands, leggings, mittens, neck warmers and scarves made from fleece-lined bamboo and we invite you to try them on and see how incredible this fabric and collection is.

In case you're not convinced, not only is our fleece-lined bamboo collection awesome, each piece has been carefully crafted with a mother's experience in mind:



Our fleece-lined bamboo leggings are made with a higher rise, so they actually sit at your belly button. For those of us who have children, we need not explain why this is awesome. Good-bye muffin top! They are very stretchy and fit sizes from extra small to extra large. Whether you are running your kids from activity to activity or just having a bit of me time, these leggings will make you feel comfortable and stylish. With a wide range of colours and awesome fit, they are a must have for this chilly weather. As a side note, men have bought these as a base layer under snow pants and we've heard nothing but great feedback from them, too. 


Fleece-lined bamboo leggings for kids. Our owner's 4 year old son calls these his most comfy pants. He has recently started to refuse to wear any other pants. Seriously. There are actual tears when other pants are even being suggested. Need we say more? They really are that comfortable.

Fleece-lined bamboo mittens. These mittens come in a variety of colours, two sizes and feature an extra-long cuff. The cuff is awesome for so many reasons. Number one, it fully covers your child's wrist, so that skin between the jacket and the mitten that was once exposed and cold, is covered and warm. Number two, slip the mitten cuff over your child's sleeve before putting their jacket on, and say good-bye to bunched up sleeves and getting out the door frustrations.

Fleece-lined bamboo neck warmer. How many kids like having a zipper done all the way up and rubbing under their chin? We don't know of any. If yours do, then you're truly lucky. The neck warmer was designed to solve the problem of kids not liking their jacket zippers done all the way up and thus making little necks and chests cold, and parents worried. Slip this ultra-stretchy neck warmer over your child's head and their neck and chest will be covered and protected from the wind and the cold. 


Fleece-lined bamboo headband. This headband is awesome because it's warm, stylish and fits a variety of head sizes from 2 years old to adult.


Fleece-lined bamboo beanie. This beanie is perfect for everyone aged 1 year and up. Little ones can wear it slouchy style but it also perfectly fits adults as a regular beanie. It's a must have for everyone in the family.                         


Fleece-lined headband with loop. With all the same benefits as our fleece-lined bamboo headband, the loop provides a small pop of colour and added style!                                                                                                                                        

Fleece-lined bamboo infinity scarf. Mama needs a scarf. So does aunty, grandma, sister and the list goes on. Having this amazing fabric next to your skin will warm you up while making you look super stylish. The scarf can also be worn as a hood when the weather turns extra cold. We've just started working on a hand-dyed cuff to go with our scarf and will have some very cool options for you soon. If you're in Alberta, come see us at any and all of our upcoming shows. If you live further, please check out our website for our latest fleece-lined items and feel free to contact us with any questions. If you want to be the first in the know, sign up for our newsletter today!

Stay warm. House of Koopslie has you covered!





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