Bye, bye, Baby!

Did you know that House of Koopslie has been in business for over five years now? Where does the time fly? It's been a great ride and I've loved every minute of it. A lot has changed in these five years and I'm sure that the changes will keep on coming.

Speaking of changes, you may or may not know that last year my family went through a lot of personal changes as well. My daughter was having ongoing health issues which led my husband and I to decide to take her and her brother out of daycare. This meant that I was home full-time with my two kiddos. The plan was that that I would look after my two munchkins during the day and then work in the evenings and weekends when my husband was home from his job. We're lucky enough that he has a flexible schedule and comes home early, however, I quickly realized that after a day full of cooking, cleaning, dealing with doctor visits, playing and activities, it was hard to get into business mode. I was exhausted.

This exhaustion reached an all-time high last December. After doing three back to back holiday shows in St. Albert, Calgary, and Edmonton, each 12 hours long, I was tired and felt burnt out.  They were the best shows I had done to date, but when they were done it felt like I could not go on with my business. I was stretched way too thin.

As a result, I did a lot of reflecting and thinking about what I wanted and needed in my life and my business and how I could make that happen. In the end I decided that I needed to have less on my plate, so I could do more of what I wanted -  to grow my business and take it to new heights. It just wasn't happening with so many different products lines and directions and so little time. Coincidentally, at the same time, House of Koopslie's headband line started to get very popular and I could hear it raising its hand and calling "Pick me!". This was just what I needed to make my decision.

So...after five years of working on my hat and clothing designs, and seeing some of the cutest munchkins sporting them, I've decided to say so long to our kids’ line. It was a hard decision, but I needed to make it to go on with taking care of my kids, having time for me and working on building an amazing business. Is it forever? I don't know. But it is definitely on the back burner for now.

It has been a very busy and wonderful five years. I've met so many amazing parents, mentors, business owners and loyal customers. I've learned a ton about business and about being a parent, a working parent, and a stay at home parent. I've also learned what it takes to be both a business owner and a boss.

The support from customers like you
, has been incredible over the last five years and I am forever grateful for it. Your kind words, emails, phone calls and chats at trade shows have fueled me to create more of what you've asked for.  And now, with all that I have learned and experienced, I am ready to take House of Koopslie in a new direction. I would like to welcome you on this new journey. I promise you it will continue to be fun, exciting and full of craziness (Remember when I tried to get on Dragon's Den and to meet Taylor Swift in Japan? That part of me is not going away!).

For everything you've done, I want to say "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" I'm looking forward to sharing this new chapter of House of Koopslie with you.


Founder and Chief Designer, House of Koopslie

P.S. Good news! You can still get some of our kids' hats and headbands at these amazing retailers.  Act fast though...they will be gone quickly!

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  • Hi Monika,

    I know that you have discontinued your children’s line of headbands but I was just wondering if you knew of any retailers that may still potentially have some? My daughter loves mine, but they are just too big for her little head. She has alopecia and is staring to become aware of her bald spots. Any information would be helpful.

    Thank you
    Krystle Ulch

    Krystle Ulch

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