How to wear - Oh so boho

Oh so boho

You got your new House of Koopslie bamboo headband and you're super happy to show off all your new hair styles. Or maybe you're a little hesitant because you're not sure whether you can actually rock a headband out in the real world. Well, let us tell you that you SO CAN rock a headband and we are going to tell you how.

We've learned a few tricks along the way and we want to share them with you, so you have an awesome headband wearing experience. So, why don't you try out oh so boho right now and see how amazing you look.


Step 1. Place the leather in the center, where your forehead and hairline meet. (This very important. If you put the leather in the center of your forehead instead, then push it back up, you will likely get a big poofy poof in the back and on top.)

Step 2. With leather still in place, slide the rest of the headband down. Tip - if you keep the headband over your ears, it will stay on better. 

Step 3. If your headband starts to slide up creating too big of a poof, simply tuck the extra hair into the top of the headband.

Step 4. Rock your relaxed boho chic look. It's just that easy.


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