Rule of thumb for ordering colours and neutrals

How do you know which headbands to pick for your store? With a broad selection of fabric and leather colours and combinations, how do you know what to choose, what your customers will love and what will sell best?

Before I go any further I want to tell you that I understand that you're super busy right now with the buying season in full swing, so if you would like us to take the guess work out of it and put an order together for you, we can do that. You can be confident in knowing that we have done our research and will select attention grabbing, great selling headbands for your store.

We've been watching customers who love our headbands for a while now and have found that having a 20-30% colour and 70-80% neutral mix works very well.

First of all, shoppers are drawn to colour. It pulls them in and they explore. So, definitely add some bright, attention grabbing colours such as red hot or sunshine yellow. These may not be the first to sell, but they will draw a lot of attention and your customer who loves yellow or red and can never find anything cool in that colour, will love you forever. Another very popular seller is our seafoam headband; that one should be on your list. Trust me. Pick a few other colours from pink, lavender and bright aqua. Once you have a few colours selected, move on to the neutrals. That's what a larger group of people are going to buy. People are looking for items that go well with a variety of outfits, or are a safe colour to buy as a gift. So, give them a good selection of neutrals and they will be buying them up for everyone.

Definitely stock up on black.

Black is the colour that always sells out first for us and our retailers. People love black because it goes with everything. So get some black with each leather option and you will have some very happy customers in your store. Other neutrals include heather cream, white, stripes and micro stripes, heather grey, heather forest and heather lake. Denim and heathered anything are making a huge comeback this year, so make sure to choose at least one of the heather colours.

Boom you're done. Once we receive your order, we will do our best to get it out to you ASAP.

When you're merchandising your headbands, keep the bright colours close to eye level or if you can't have them at eye level, keep the colours as a focal point. They will draw a lot of attention making your customers intrigued and coming over to see all the awesome headbands you have in stock. Keep a mirror near by, so they can try them on.

Train your staff on how to wear House of Koopslie headbands and encourage them to show your customers. I often put headbands on people and give them tips to show them how to rock a headband. Our 2 minute updo always gets customers super excited and passer-by's stop to look. I love the look on a customer's face when she tries a headband on and is pleasantly surprised at how great she looks. It's a wonderful moment and I am confident you will also get to experience it with your customers.

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