Top Trend for 2016?

The Headband!

Headbands have been making a huge splash on fashion runways around the world. Most large fashion houses have incorporated headbands into their Spring 2016 runway collections. As you know, these are the people who set trends and they are telling consumers that headbands are in. We are already seeing it - supermodels and actresses are sporting headbands. Everywhere we look, women all around us are incorporating headbands into their daily wardrobes and headbands are quickly becoming a staple wardrobe item. The other day I went into a coffee shop and all three baristas were wearing one type of headband or another. It's no wonder that fashion sources have called the headband the top hair accessory trend for 2016.

The fact is - the headband trend is here. You can take advantage of it for your store or ignore it. But, I like you and I don't want you to be sad, so I don't think you should go with the latter option.

This year our headbands have become our biggest selling accessory; and in record time, too. House of Koopslie's headbands are really flying off the shelves. Just read the reviews from some of our retail partners. These are not made up words. You can call them up and ask if they really said those nice things. I'm sure they will tell you House of Koopslie headbands are a great seller and their customers are buying them up! People are simply loving headbands. And they are really loving House of Koopslie headbands.

Our headbands are lovingly crafted in Canada, using high quality materials. We use super soft bamboo fabrics and awesome leather loops, to make these beauties.

We combine upcoming trends and our creative passion to come up with beautiful headband collections for your store. Each headband comes on retail ready packaging and includes our guide to looking epic - all the ways to wear a House of Koopslie headband.

The most important thing about our headbands is that they look good on everyone and our motto is "Yes, you CAN rock a headband!". I love the look on a woman's face when she puts on a headband, looks in the mirror and says "oh, that's quite nice on me", then "I didn't think I could pull this off" to "I should also get one for my friend, Lauren, Hannah, etc" You get the drift. Most of these women walk away with at least one, but usually more headbands. And then they wear them and tell all of their friends. And then their friends need to get a House of Koopslie headband too.

Let's also talk about the fact that our headbands are made in Canada. This is a pretty awesome thing. House of Koopslie is an eco friendly brand based in Alberta. Alberta! We are creating jobs and boosting Canada's economy. We have a strong control on quality and our production turnaround times are quick. Safe work conditions are a priority in everything we do. Our workers are paid fairly and do good work. There's a bit of love in everything we do. You can be proud of carrying House of Koopslie in your store.

Wishing you a successful and highly profitable 2016!


Owner, designer + #koopsliehead

House of Koopslie


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